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Toilet Seat&Cover Comprehensive Life Testing       Salt Spray Testing           


   Toilet Seat& Cover Loading Testing           Toilet Seat&Cover Vacillate Testing


*Soft close function, automatic closing system--a touch of the finger and the WC seat closes slowly and quietly all by itself. No noise!


*Take off, the WC seat can be taken off fully in one move



*Pleasant sense of touch thanks to ergonomic design, comfortable curve design!



*Uncompromising stress and rupture tests, 100,000 times life span testing.

*Made from the ceramic-like hard plastic material duroplast (or Urea,UF),Shining surface with no visible spots or stains, Long lasting colors that never fade with time;

*Hinges of stainless steel, no corrosion happen on the fixing parts.


Special antibacterial material combine with the raw duroplast, melting together, and spread on the cover evenly, to ensure the whole toilet seat cover with the function of antibacterial.


In order to prevent the fading.Toilet seat cover can absorb the UV



*Pore-free,extremely smooth surface

*Cleaning-friendly thanks to waterproof connections

*Smooth-surfaced underside for perfect wipe-down cleanliness



*Compatible with all universal ceramics

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