Description of this Bathroom Wrap Over D Shape Toilet Seat of SU015
SU015S is the classic wrap over D shape standard toilet seat, its designed concept comes from the V&B subway series, it has the common European toilet seat cover size, it can fit most of the D shaped bowl.
In the first step, the toilet seat needs the molding process, we use the best urea material, 100% new material let the toilet seat has very perfect performance. The worker weigh the material and then dry it when the mold temperature is eligible, they put the dried material into the mold, after the molding processing, they take off the toilet seat, cut the flashes, adjust the shape and do the initial check.
The second step is polishing processing, the professional worker checks each detail and does the polishing. They check each lid and ring, they find the flaws and judge it. If the flaw can't be fixed, they scrap it. If the flaws are on the superficiality, they fixed the flaws carefully.
The next step is inspection, each toilet seat will be inspected and then do cleaning and assembly, after assembly, we did function test for each toilet seat and then do the package.
After the strict production control, the toilet seat is in good quality and has a very good performance and longer lifetime. Looking forward to your inquiry about European standard bathroom wrap over d shape toilet seat cover.
Parameters of this Bathroom Wrap Over D Shape Toilet Seat of SU015
This toilet seat dimension is 440*375*61mm.
This product fits the V&B subway series.
The toilet seat has very good scratch resistance, UV-resistance, not easy to lose color. After years of use, the surface will have the same looking like the beginning.
The toilet seat can pass 100,000 times soft close function tests.
The toilet seat is equipped with a one-button quick release system.
The toilet seat can pass the 30,000 times quick release function tests.
The toilet seat is environmentally friendly.
Axis of the hinge can rotate 360°
The logo can be customized by the customer, the logo can be on the button or the lid. 
Pictures of this Bathroom Wrap Over D Shape Toilet Seat of SU015
D Shape Toilet Seat
D Shape Toilet Seat


 D Shape Toilet Seat




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