Description of this Oval Family Toilet Seat of SU040 With Baby Seat Soft Close
SU040S is our upgrade version of the family toilet seat, It has a nice design and beautiful appearance. Of course, its size and shape are fit for the European standard.
Our adult and child toilet seat is made of high-quality Duroplast, it is an eco-friendly material.
The toilet seat has a soft close function, all of its three pieces can slowly close, the cover, the baby ring, and the adult ring. we have a very reasonable design on the damper construction, so all these three pieces can close gently. And of course, this toilet seat also has the quick release function, it has one quick-release button, people can easily take off this toilet seat by push this button.
The baby ring of this model could not be disassembled due to its construction, so it is a completely family seat. Looking forward to your inquiry about oval adult and child toilet seat.
Parameters of this Oval Family Toilet Seat of SU040 With Baby Seat Soft Close
This toilet seat dimension is 445*368*54mm.
This product has a European standard dimension and excellent design.
This product is made of good quality Duroplast, 100% pure new material makes the product have perfect performance.
The surface of this toilet seat is stable and scratch-resistant, after years using, the surface still looks new and smooth.
The toilet seat has the soft-close function, we have inserted three dampers into the sleeve, so all these three pieces can have the soft-close function. The guarantee of the soft-close function can also reach 100,000 times. The warranty is for 5 years.
A quick-release button for beginners, installation, and disassembly is very simple, which also makes cleaning efficient and quick. it can pass the 30,000 times function tests.
With those good quality fixings which are easy for assembling, even for the house lady or the new user, they can easily install the toilet seat on the bowl.
Pictures of this Oval Family Toilet Seat of SU040 With Baby Seat Soft Close
Oval Family Toilet Seat
Oval Family Toilet Seat
Oval Family Toilet Seat



 Oval Family Toilet Seat 




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