Description of this Oval Toilet Seat Family of SU039 With Soft Close
SU039S is our classical oval soft close family toilet seat, its size is universal European Standard size, it has very perfect shape design, so it can fit almost an oval bowl in the European market.
The three pieces toilet seat is made of high-quality Duroplast, we promise we won't use any recycled materials, so our toilet seats always have very good performance when using.
The toilet seat has two soft-close, one damper is in the cover and the other is in the adult ring, so the cover and the adult ring have the slow close function. But for the baby ring, we didn't design the soft-close function, so we insert two magnets in the cover and the baby ring when the kid toilet seat ring is closed, the magnets can hold the baby ring safely, people need to pull the baby ring when using, so this design can safely protect the baby.
This toilet seat is also equipped with a quick-release function, people can easily take off the toilet seat by slightly pushing the quick-release button.
When the baby grows up and no need the baby ring, the users can take off the baby toilet seat ring easily, and then assemble two decorative clips, after these operations, the family seat becomes a common toilet seat perfectly. Looking forward to your inquiry about oval soft close three pieces family kid toilet seat.
Parameters of this Oval Toilet Seat Family of SU039 With Soft Close
The size of this toilet seat is 445*368*55mm.
This product has a very reasonable design and universal dimension.
This product is produced by good quality urea, this material is anti-bacterial and at the same time for easy clean.
The surface of this product is perfect due to the good processing and the raw material characters, it is smooth, stable, and scratch-resistant.
The toilet seat has the soft-close function, the damper can pass 100,000 times soft close function tests.
A quick-release button for beginners, installation, and disassembly is very simple, which also makes cleaning efficient and quick. it can pass the 30,000 times function tests.
With high-quality fixing and screws, the toilet seat can be attached to the ceramic stability, not shaking.
Pictures of this Oval Toilet Seat Family of SU039 With Soft Close
Oval Toilet Seat Family
Oval Toilet Seat Family
Oval Toilet Seat Family





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