Description of this Square Wrap Over Duroplast Toilet Seat
Su055 easy to clean toilet seat is the classic and modern model, this toilet seat fits wonderfully into any modern bathroom.
This seat is made of urea-formaldehyde material, it is robust and antibacterial; the surface is bright and smooth, does not discolor or yellow, easy to clean.
This universal square toilet seat is soft close design, quiet to open and close, no risk of pinched fingers, no annoying noise when switched off, convenient and safe to use.
This classic toilet seat is easy to install & disassemble, and quick to clean: quick installation, one-touch quick release. Whether it is installation or dismantling, even the hostess can complete it in 3 minutes. Looking forward to your inquiry about universal classic easy to clean square wrap over Duroplast toilet seat.
Toilet seat with soft close mechanism and all necessary fixings for installation are included. It comes with easy to follow instructions.
Parameters of this Square Wrap Over Duroplast Toilet Seat
This toilet seat dimension is 450*371*50mm.
This toilet seat is scratch-resistant and ceramic texture.
This toilet seat is color-fast, it will not turn to yellow.
The guarantee of the soft-close function can reach 100,000 times.
The guarantee of the quick release function can reach 30,000 times.
This toilet seat can be quickly installed.
The hinge is made of the 304 stainless steel.
The hinge is adjustable for your ceramic.
This toilet seat can hold up to more than 300kg.
This toilet seat is easy to clean.
The toilet seat can accept the logo customized. 
Pictures of this Square Wrap Over Duroplast Toilet Seat
Square Wrap Over Duroplast Toilet Seat
Square Wrap Over Duroplast Toilet Seat


 Square Wrap Over Duroplast Toilet Seat



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