Description of this China High-Quality Ultra Thin Duroplast Toilet Seat of SU008
SU008S is the ultra-thin oval shape model, it has a nice appearance, looks very delicate. Meanwhile, it also has a common size, so it can fit most of the oval bowl.
The ultra thin toilet seat is made of high-grade Duroplast material, the good raw material lets the product have a longer life.
Even this toilet seat is ultra-thin model, it still has the soft-close function. Our team controls every detail to produce the damper, so our damper is also in very good quality, it makes the toilet seat have a very stable soft-close function.
And this toilet seat also has the one-button quick release system, all of these parts are in good quality and strict inspection, so our product has no function failures situation during its guarantee.
This Duroplast toilet seat has very good polishing processing, the shape of this model is round, our team carefully work on these details to make this toilet seat have very good visual effects. 
Parameters of this Ultra Thin Duroplast Toilet Seat Manufacturers of SU008
This toilet seat dimension is 445*368*20mm.
This product has perfect design, the ultra-thin appearance make this product look luxury and delicate.
The raw material which we use to produce the toilet seat is the high-quality Duroplast, it naturally has the antibacterial property.
The surface of this product has very good performance, it is very stable, the color of this toilet seat will not turn to fade, and the white color will not turn yellow after using.
The toilet seat has a quiet and gentle closing system, it can pass 100,000 times soft close function tests.
The quick-release function will help you take off the toilet seat easily, it can pass the 30,000 times function tests.
With the included instruction, the toilet seat is very easy to install to the ceramic even for the new user.
The included fixings are all in readiness, users can easily take it off for the installation.
This toilet seat is a fragile product, even though it has very good quality and can have very long lift time when the product encounters a strong impact, it will break. So this product needs to be properly placed.
Pictures of this Ultra Thin Duroplast Toilet Seat Factory of SU008
Ultra Thin Duroplast Toilet Seat
Ultra Thin Duroplast Toilet Seat


 Ultra Thin Duroplast Toilet Seat



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