Description of this China Bathroom Wrap Over Oval Toilet Seat of SU003
SU003S is the wrap over the design of the oval shape, the dimension and size fit the European market.
This wrap over toilet seat is made of the good urea material, this material is eco-friendly and safety in use, no harm to the environment and the human body, and the ceramic feeling take an enjoyable experience when choosing a high-quality urea toilet seat.
The toilet seat has a soft close function. This feature protects people from the noise and embarrassment, the toilet seats close quietly and gently, the families are not disturbed by the noise.
This toilet seat is equipped with a quick-release function, the neat design and electroplating process let the button have a nice visual effect.
Our toilet seat has perfect processing, include the molding process and polishing process, we strictly control the molding process to make the toilet seat have good performance, and the perfect polishing process makes the toilet seat sparkling appearance. 
Parameters of this High-Quality Bathroom Wrap Over Oval Toilet Seat Manufacturers of SU003
This toilet seat dimension is 445x375x55mm.
This toilet seat is designed of the wrap over
This product has antibacterial properties.
This product has a flame retardant property, it will not easily have the burn mark on the surface.
The product is exclusively scratch-resistant.
The product can pass 100,000 times soft close function tests.
The product can pass 30,000 times quick release function tests.
The product has passed the loading testing, vacillate testing, salt spray testing, and comprehensive life testing.
The product can be produced as the non-soft model. 
Pictures of this Bathroom Wrap Over Oval Toilet Seat Factory of SU003
Bathroom Wrap Over Oval Toilet Seat
Bathroom Wrap Over Oval Toilet Seat


 Bathroom Wrap Over Oval Toilet Seat 





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