Description of this China High-Quality Oval Urea Toilet Seat of SU002 With Quick Release
SU002S is our hot selling model, its size is The European Standard size, and its shape is liked by the public, so it is a really popular toilet seat in the European market.
The toilet seat is made of high-quality urea, we promised that all of our product is produced by the new raw material, so our toilet seat better strength, it will not crazed easily even in the cold environment.
The Urea toilet seat has a quiet and gentle closing system; to prevent the loud and too quick amounts onto the toilet seat, other as often at beneficial toilet seat, keep the automatic closure of gentlemen for a lifetime.
About the processing, our production team clearly know the characteristics of this material, we strictly control the mold temperature, to ensure the material has enough temperature and time to melt and molding, so our toilet seat had good quality and has very good performance.
Parameters of this Oval Urea Toilet Seat of SU002 With Quick Release Manufacturers
This toilet seat dimension is 445x375x56mm.
This product has a universal dimension and perfect appearance.
The product is made of good quality urea, It has natural antibacterial properties.
The toilet seat has a very stable surface, the perfect finishing makes the toilet seat have good scratch resistance, keeps the surface smooth.
The toilet seat has a quiet and gentle closing system, it can pass 100,000 times soft close function tests.
The quick clean function will help you makes cleaning the toilet seat and the loo bowl, it can pass the 30,000 times function tests.
With all the necessary screws for a firm and safe and secure installation, easy to install.
The toilet seat is good quality that when heavy people sit on it, it is strong enough to sustain them stably. 
Pictures of this Oval Urea Toilet Seat of SU002 With Quick Release Manufacturers
Oval Urea Toilet Seat
Oval Urea Toilet Seat



 Oval Urea Toilet Seat



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