Description of this Bathroom Luxury Square Thin Toilet Seat of SU021
SU021S luxury toilet seat is the square model specially designed for Idevit, Its delicate appearance makes the toilets look luxury.
The large square toilet seat is made of high-quality Duroplast material. With high hardness and high scratch resistance, anti-oil, anti-bacterial, stable and durable. Even if used for 5 years, it will not leave marks such as scratches and oil stains, let the toilet seat look new as the beginning.
The toilet seat is in humanized design, luxury toilet seat covers with slow lowering and soft-close function. No annoying noise when switched off. Even children can use our toilet seat safely and happily.
The toilet seat is equipped with a practical quick-release function. This means that you can remove the lid from the toilet bowl with just a push of a button and clean it from all sides.
A good toilet seat is always with reliable accessories, our high-quality fixings lead to a variety of pleasant experiences that make people happy. Looking forward to your inquiry about bathroom luxury large square thin toilet seat covers.
Parameters of this Bathroom Luxury Square Thin Toilet Seat of SU021
This toilet seat dimension is 450*355*55mm.
This product has a unique shape and luxury design.
The product is made of high-grade Duroplast, its natural anti-bacterial property reduces the spread of germs and is therefore particularly family-friendly.
The toilet seat has a hard surface, the scratch-resistant property keeps the toilet seat look smooth.
The toilet seat is robust, non-flammable.
The colorfast toilet seat does not yellow.
The toilet lid and toilet seat carry effortlessly 300 kg.
The guarantee of the soft-close function can also reach 100,000 times.
The guarantee of the quick release function is 30,000 times.
The easy installation is done in less than 3 minutes thanks to the included instructions. 
Pictures of this Bathroom Luxury Square Thin Toilet Seat of SU021
Bathroom Luxury Square Thin Toilet Seat
Bathroom Luxury Square Thin Toilet Seat

 Bathroom Luxury Square Thin Toilet Seat




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