Description of this Sanitary Square Toilet Seat of SU11 Preciosa Keramag
SU011S is one of the most popular square toilet seats in our factory. Its original design concept comes from the Preciosa model of the Keramag brand. Due to its modern appearance, it is deeply loved by the people.
The Toilet Seat Preciosa Keramag is made of 100% pure new Duroplast material, the high-grade material let the toilet seat have very perfect performance, it has better intensity.
One of the most important functions is the slow-close. Our reasonable design of the damper let the toilet seat close quietly and gently. We also have very reasonable control on the soft close time, neither too slow nor too fast, give the user perfect bathroom experience.
This toilet seat is also equipped with a quick-release function, people can easily take off the toilet seat by slightly pushing the quick-release button.
With the included installation instruction, people can easily attach the toilet seat to the ceramic.
About the fixings, the pivot of the hinge and the screw are in stainless steel 304, it has good rust resistance, so our toilet seat can be fixed on the toilets very tightly. 
Parameters of this Sanitary Square Toilet Seat of SU11 Preciosa Keramag
The size of this toilet seat is 450*371*50mm.
This product has a modern design and fits the Preciosa Keramag ceramic.
This product is produced by good quality urea, this material is anti-bacterial and ceramic feeling, make the toilet seat looks luxury.
Thanks to the good processing, our product has a perfect surface, it is smooth, stable, and scratch-resistant, people can have a comfortable enjoyment when sitting on the seat.
The toilet seat has the soft-close function, the damper can pass 100,000 times soft close function tests.
The quick-release function makes the installation and disassembly simple and direct, which also makes cleaning efficient and quick. it can pass the 30,000 times function tests.
The product has passed the many quality tests, including the loading testing, vacillate testing, salt spray testing, and comprehensive life testing, so the quality of our product can get absolutely guarantee. 
Pictures of this Sanitary Square Toilet Seat of SU11 Preciosa Keramag
Sanitary Square Toilet Seat
Sanitary Square Toilet Seat


 Sanitary Square Toilet Seat





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