Description of this Wrap Over UF Toilet Seat of SU037 Roca Gap Series
SU037S Toilet Seat Roca Gap Series, it has the luxury appearance, make the bathroom shine for its existence.
Our toilet seat is made of the best urea material, it is environmentally friendly material, it can be degraded in nature. It is harmless to the human body and the environment.
The toilet seat has a soft-close function. The dampers are produced by our factory, so the quality of the damper is stable and premium. The toilet seat can have a slow close function during its whole lifetime.
The toilet seat also has the quick release function, we use the one-button quick release system, all the parts are in good quality, so the toilet seat can always have the quick release function in its whole lifetime.
Thanks to the perfect processing, the toilet seat has very good surface and performance. It has better strength, will not easily have the natural crack when cold. But the user also needs to take care of the toilet seat, because this is nearly the ceramic character, fragile, if drop it or strike it, it will be broken easily, so please be careful when taking off the seat for cleaning, please place it to a safe position. 
Parameters of this Wrap Over UF Toilet Seat of SU037 Roca Gap Series
This toilet seat dimension is 448*350*49mm.
This product is designed for the Roca Gap series.
This product is made of good quality Duroplast, it has a hard surface and scratch-resistant. This material also is UV-resistant,
so after years using, the surface still looks new and smooth.
The toilet seat has soft close function The guarantee of the soft-close function can also reach 100,000 times. The warranty is for 5 years.
The toilet seat is antistatic and dust repellent.
The quick-release function can pass the 30,000 times tests.
Axis of the hinge can rotate 360°
All the metal hinges are in SUS304, good rust resistance.
Pictures of this Wrap Over UF Toilet Seat of SU037 Roca Gap Series
Wrap Over UF Toilet Seat
Wrap Over UF Toilet Seat


 Wrap Over UF Toilet Seat





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