Description of this China High-Quality Slim Wrap Over D Shape Duroplast Toilet Lid
SU047S is a slim wrap over design, the washed contour of the toilet lid with the correct length and width ensures a pleasant feel. Simple appearance makes your bathroom more fashionable and stylish.
The slim toilet seats are anti-bacterial and color-fast, it is made of high-quality urea Duroplast, antibacterial and antistatic, resistant to corrosion, scratches, fire, non-toxic, odorless, making it ideal as a toilet seat to restrict the spread of germs and for lasting beauty without yellowing.
This slim antibacterial D shape Duroplast toilet seats is equipped with an improved double soft-close function, the antibacterial toilet seats and lid move quickly down to 55°±5° and 35°±5°, then gently and quietly folds down, providing extra safety for children and the elderly. And won't wake your families at night.
The lid can be easily removed at the touch of a button for cleaning, easy to install and quick to attach.
The button design helps you to remove the worry that the urine splashes on the uncleanable button, significantly reduces the breeding sites of germs. Quick-release design helps you to clean your toilet quickly and hygienically, including the dirty area between the mounting post that is hard to reach. 
Parameters of this Slim Wrap Over D Shape Duroplast Toilet Lid Manufacturers
This toilet seat dimension is 449*360*40mm.
This toilet seat is an ergonomic design.
This toilet seat is easy to clean.
This toilet seat is a natural antibacterial.
This toilet seat is color-fast.
The guarantee of the soft-close function can also reach 100,000 times.
The quick-release function can also reach 30,000 times tests.
The toilet seat can hold up to 300 kg, even 200kg more.
The stainless steel metal attachment gives a durable secure hold.
The logo can be customized to laser on the toilet seat.
Pictures of this Slim Wrap Over D Shape Duroplast Toilet Lid Factory

Slim Wrap Over D Shape Duroplast Toilet Lid
Slim Wrap Over D Shape Duroplast Toilet Lid

 Slim Wrap Over D Shape Duroplast Toilet Lid



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